What You Should Know About Traffic Ticket Laws in USA

Got a Traffic Ticket in NYC? Hire a LawyerTraffic ticket laws in America can impact your ability to drive your vehicle. While most people brush off things like speeding tickets, it is unwise to do so. Any ticket that you are issued is going to have instructions on the back for how to enter a plea. If you do not respond in a timely fashion, your drivers’ license will be suspended. What happens next is no laughing matter as you could be found guilty for simply not showing up, a fine assigned to you and then a judgement entered for your failure to pay it. These are drastic consequences that can occur for the simple act of throwing your traffic ticket into your glove compartment.


How Traffic Ticket Laws in Can Impact Your Ability to Drive

It is important to note that traffic ticket laws  dictate that each time you are convicted, the penalties can become stiffer. For example, if you have been convicted of a speeding ticket twice, you do not want to be convicted a third time or your license could be revoked. Why Fight a New Jersey Traffic Ticket?, I work to prove the innocence of my clients so that this doesn’t happen.


If you work with an attorney, you have someone in your corner that can help you to enter a plea and fight the charges against you. This is done through the DMV and the Traffic Violations Bureau. An administrative law judge will hear the case, so you will be going in front of a judge, rather than speaking with someone at the DMV. This judge has the authority to suspend your license or auto registration in addition to assigning a fine. Having an attorney in your corner is going to significantly increase the likelihood of a positive outcome, simply because an attorney understands the legal process and how to work within the system for your advantage.

The Hearing Process

When you show up for your hearing, the judge will hear and review evidence against you. The evidence must be clear and convincing for you to be found guilty. As an experienced traffic violations lawyer NYC. I build and present a case for why the evidence is not clear and my clients should be considered innocent. I have had great success in doing so, to the financial and long-term benefit of my clients. One strategy is to bring forward witnesses that can testify or to ask the police officer questions to demonstrate how they could have made a mistake, been using faulty equipment or misjudged the situation. Each case is different but if you want to enter a not guilty plea, you must have evidence to back up your claims of innocence.


There is an appeals process that you can go through if you feel that the judge made an incorrect ruling. If you have already been found guilty, and want to enter an appeal, you should certainly do so with the legal assistance. You will need to work even harder the second time around, so having an attorney will be critical for your success. I have represented clients on appeal and won, so it is certainly possible to do so.

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